The Deuce Bowl

Presented by, The Deuce Bowl, central Viriginia's pre-eminent one-disc tournament, takes place at Peaks View Park in Lynchburg, Virginia.  What's left when you leave the bag at home and only throw one disc?  Skill is the solution, technique is tested and luck helps too.  Players are pitted against each other with disc selection removed from the equation and the game is reduced to elements.  A short course, Peaks View requires a two to ascend to victory.  Who will rise to the occasion?  Who will roll into the pond?

The Deuce Bowl Hall of Fame

The Deuce Bowl: 1080
Deuce Bowl Dos: Banger GT
Deuce Bowl Tree (At Elk Creek): ESP Wasp
Deuce Bowl Tres: ESP Wasp
Deuce Bowl Cuatro: Surge SS FLX
Deuce Bowl Cinco: JK Pro Aviar
Deuce Bowl Seis: Champion Cro
Deuce Bowl Siete: (At Falling Creek): Super-Color Buzz
Deuce Bowl Ocho: R-Pro Polecat
Deuce Bowl Nueve: Soft Focus
Deuce Bowl Diez: R-Pro Roc
Deuce Bowl Once: Glow KC Pro Aviar
Deuce Bowl Doce: R-Pro XD
Deuce Bowl Trece: DX Wedge
Deuce Bowl Catorce: Star Classic Cobra
Deuce Bowl 15
     Deuce Bowl 15.1: Glo-Z Meteor
     Deuce Bowl 15.2 (At Randolph College): G-Star Teebird
     Deuce Bowl 15.3: Judge

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